Minority Programs

Even after getting the minority status on 27th January 2014 from Central Government, our field experiences showed us that there’s lack of information about the rights and benefits that minority community members get through various schemes. BJS took systematic efforts to collate all information about various schemes that offer benefits to students, women, individuals, educational institutions, religious organizations and trusts and about the procedural parts of applying for minority status and for availing the benefits. BJS simultaneously created multiple channels to disseminate this information through set of published books for lay persons in very easy to understand and follow manner, making these books available online for easy download, help line through mails and phones and training speakers to conduct general awareness sessions at places to places. BJS also designed a one-day workshop for Educational Institutions to specially make them aware of the advantages in running and establishing minority institutions. BJS is one stop resource organization for community for any queries related to minority matter and received special accolade from the then Minister of Minority for organized efforts by an NGO like BJS in a very small span towards Minority cause.