Medical Programs

One of the major programs of BJS has been the medical camps and plastic surgeries for the persons born with congenital Facial Deformities. Starting these camps from 1990, BJS has restored smiles on the faces of over 200,000 such persons comprising children, youth and old from different parts of India by operating on them and giving them a normal physical look to lead a normal life overcoming physical deformity and social stigma. Medical surveys show that amongst 962 babies born in India, one is born with a deformity. Children born with Cleft Lips, Squint eyes or Facial scars form a high percentage of total deformities. The only method to treat such deformities is to undergo a plastic surgery or corrective surgery. Given the advancement in medical system, and with the spread of medical and health care program in India from rural to semi-urban & urban level, one would think that there are adequate expertise, facilities and the required infrastructure for such deformities to be taken care of through surgical procedures and appropriate medical care. But, unfortunately the reality is different.