Student Assessment Workshop

A child today faces a no of challenges due to the rapid advancement in technology and its effect on daily life, information explosion & consequent overload, increasing exposure to media through print & electronic modes, and overall fast pace of changes in the environment. A child’s intelligence & abilities to day are regularly put to test to survive this onslaught. On the other hand, parents are many times found wanting in assessing the physical, social, emotional & intellectual growth of the child in this challenging milieu, due to their own inabilities ranging from time constraint to they themselves being not adequately equipped to handle this onerous but important task.

There is no denying that assessing the talent, aptitude & potential for development of a child is a prime requirement for charting the appropriate path of growth in life. It also needs to be done at the right time so that necessary action plan to guide / assist the child can be drawn up at the right time for his development & progress.

BJS with its experience of working with children for over 25 years felt the need to develop a tool which can fulfill this need for the child as well as the parents and teachers. Its in house team of professionals embarked on this task, and developed SAP (Student Assessment Program) test after in–depth research and in consultation with an expert committee.